About Sonja Skrepek

Sonja Skrepek resides in the quiet, hillside town of Liesing, near Vienna, Austria.

A gifted artist in her own right, Sonja formally trained in Orthodox ikon writing in Jerusalem. She has an ikon writing school at the Vienna English Speaking Catholic Community and also gives ikon writing lessons at the University of Vienna.

The ikons shown in these pages represent some of her work and the ikons themselves are for sale.

Sonja also accepts private commissions.

More Information

If you are interested to purchase any of these icons or want to arrange a schedule for viewing my other ikon collections or to commission a custom-painted icon, please write me at the email address provided below.

Email: sonjaskrepek@icloud.com

About This Site

This site features just some of ikon paintings of Sonja Skrepek.